2021 Volunteer in Sports Awards

By lecamogie, Thursday, 30th September 2021 | 0 comments

The Federation of Irish Sport in association with EBS launched the 2021 Volunteer in Sports Awards earlier this month.


Unfortunately, nominations from CAMOGIE clubs for their Volunteers are currently quite low from every county in Ireland where you have members. We all know how many fantastic and dynamic volunteers there are in so many of your clubs all over the country! 


We are asking you all to please spread the word through whatever platform you feel best to generate nominations to us from your members. I have attached a word doc with information that could be sent via email by inserting the text directly in to the main body of the email or simply by putting the following message up on your website or circulated via twitter/Facebook;


Information for sharing:

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Volunteers in Sport Awards 
1 overall winner per county – Now is your chance to recognise the Volunteer who has made a difference to your club and your community.
Time to champion those unsung heroes who go above and beyond for their club!
Nominate your volunteer hero today at www.volunteersinsport.ie
Win €1000 for your local sports club – By simply nominating an outstanding Volunteer

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