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Updates and Info for Development Areas  -  Sabrina Larkin

I have below a number of items that may be of interest to you and I ask that you share with your clubs where possible, as it may of interest to them also.

Coaching Supports

The following coaching supports are also available online currently and may be of benefit to clubs, development squad, and inter-county coaches alike, as there is something for everyone.

Session Plans: A variety of Camogie Youth/Adult session plans are now available. The sessions outline the session component, timing, activity description & the learning focus for each session. You can download by clicking Camogie Session Plans

Reflective Learning Template: Given the huge amount of upskilling opportunities available online for coaches during this time, it’s important to reflect on what‘s useful to you in your own coaching practice.  Download our NEW reflective learning template for coaches here. Reflective Learning Template 2020  You can download for print or directly for use on your PC.

Online Materials -Webinar, Courses, YouTube and Podcasts

One Good Coach - New Online Mental Health Course:The Camogie Association, GAA and LGFA, in partnership with Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, are delighted to make available across their memberships a new online mental health course called One Good Coach™. It offers participants a greater understanding of mental health, the importance of their role as a potential One Good Adult® in the lives of young members, and a greater awareness of how to promote and support young people’s mental health.  The One Good Coach™ workshop is now available to access on the GAA’s e-learning platform.

Camogie You Tube Channel: New Camogie games & actives from coaches Niall Corcoran & Ronan McWilliams and our very successfully ready steady go series can all be viewed on The Camogie YouTube Channel.Click here Camogie YouTube Channel

Coach Webinar Series:To help coaches through this difficult period, the GAA, An Cumann Camogaíochta and the LGFA have created a series of coach development sessions. The sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm To Register please go to here.

The Coaching Bubble Podcast: The Camogie Associations Sports Coaching Podcast exploring all sports coaching concepts from participation to performance levels. For coaches of all levels of all Sports. Follow on Twitter The Coaching Bubble and listen on  Soundcloud


I understand registration has been a tricky one for many clubs across the country and there has been many queries in relation to the date of 29th May as the date registrations are due by.  This has been discussed and decided upon at Ard Chomhairle and remains the case and date for registrations to be received.

Leinster County Development Plans

Firstly Thank You to all who have sent myself and Leinster on their development funding applications. For those yet to do so, please ensure to get them into us and you can email or call if you need any help in completing it. 

The unknown of the return to camogie activity does make it harder to plan but I assure you I will help you in adjusting/tweaking them to allow for development in some form in your county when we do return to the pitches.

Fixtures Contingency Planning

I have spoken to a number of you over the past few weeks following the Fixtures Planning meeting and I understand your concerns etc in the area. As we are following government guidelines it can be difficult to plan ahead but where possible have an idea of actions you can take to have as much opportunity to play as we hopefully can. Again, just drop me an email if you have any worries, questions or concerns.

Development Officer Speaker Session

I am hoping to have an online session with the County Development Officers in mid/late June where I'd like to have 3 speakers on 3 different areas of development which might be of interest to you. I'd envisage each speaker speaking for 15mins with 5mins question time each. Allowing a 1-hour session to run smoothly. If you have any preferred areas please just let me know. If any of you feel you have a project that you've completed and felt it was successful and wish to share, also please let me know.

A lot of info in one email, but just want to check in every so often, without bombarding you with various emails.

Anyone needs anything, please feel free to give a shout. I am taking annual leave for the next week or so, as instructed, but I will be back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


Sabrina Larkin
Leinster Participation and Growth Co-ordinator
The Camogie Association

Tel: +353 86 7961859



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