Hurl with Me 2019

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This national initiative is aimed at 7-10 years old within clubs and their parents/guardians. Delivered over a 4-week period, a coach is assigned to your club and delivers 1 session per week to the parents of the u10’s. This involves teaching the basic skills of the game and increasing the parents/guardian’s confidence in coaching these to the child. With the aim being to provide knowledge to parents and encourage them to participate in the child's practice, whether that be on the club pitch or in the back garden.
The programme finishes with the National Hurl with Me day, an exciting day out for all participating clubs, at the National GAA Games Development Centre, Abbottstown, Dublin on Sunday 7th July . Here there are games a plenty, with parent v parent and u10 games to follow and this always proves to be one of the highlights of the camogie initiatives calendar.
If your club would like to join the programme you can register on the link below – spaces are limited.
Register your club now

Closing Date is Tuesday 30th April

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