Interprovincial Competition Sunday 19 May Abbotstown

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Many thanks to the counties who have nominated players for the Leinster Provincial team for this week.

The venue for the Interprovincial Competition is the National GAA Centre, Abbotstown.

Fixtures for Tournament

  • Leinster v Ulster - 11.30am – 12.05am (5min half-time incl)
  • Munster v Connacht – 11.30am – 12.05am (5min half-time incl)
  • Ulster v Munster - 12.20am – 12.55pm (5min half-time incl)
  • Leinster v Connacht – 12.20am – 12.55pm (5min half-time incl)
  • Leinster v Munster - 1.10am – 1.45pm (5min half-time incl)
  • Ulster v Connacht – 1.10am – 1.45pm (5min half-time incl)

Shield Final – 2.30pm

Cup Final  - 2.30pm

The Leinster Squad is as follows:

  • Niamh Doyle, Carlow
  • Ciara Murphy, Kilkenny
  • Niamh Leahy, Kilkenny
  • Katie Daynes, Wicklow
  • Cliodhna Duffy, Louth
  • Shannagh Goetelen, Wicklow
  • Aoife Gregory, Louth
  • Eadaoin Murphy, Kilkenny
  • Deirbhile Byrne, Kildare
  • Sheenagh Byrne, Wicklow
  • Christine Lyng, Kilkenny
  • Laura Manley, Wicklow
  • Lydia Fitzpatrick, Kilkenny
  • Kelly O'Neill, Wicklow
  • Ciara Ryan, Offaly
  • Helen Dolan, Offaly
  • Caoimhe Dowling, Kilkenny
  • Lorraine Young, Louth
  • Aisling Shannon, Wicklow
  • Emily Rose Byrne, Wicklow
  • Niamh Shannon, Wicklow
  • Emma Doyle, Wicklow
  • Ciara Kelly, Wicklow

Best of luck to all involved and I hope all the players and county representatives have a great day.

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