Launch of the Inaugural Leinster Camogie Coaching Academy 2022

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Launch of the Inaugural Leinster Camogie Coaching Academy 2022
Are you a camogie coach interested in being part of the Inaugural Leinster Camogie Coaching Academy 2022 - Apply now to be selected!
Does your club have a coach who could be part of this Academy - Nominate them now!
What will be provided:
16 places available (50% female intake)
In person upskilling sessions from Jan - May across various areas of coaching
Coach mentoring for you within your club environment
Leinster Camogie Coach Academy apparel
Selection made based on application and decided upon my Leinster Camogie Exectuive
Closing Date: Friday 10th Dec @ 5pm
All applicants names will go into a draw for numerous prizes of training aids, sliotars, poles cones etc
A Message from our Chairperson Linda Kenny
As Leinster Chairperson I am absolutely delighted to be launching the inaugural Leinster Camogie Coaching Academy today.
The Leinster Coaching Academy is an excellent opportunity for camogie coaches across the province to develop and reach their coaching potential. The programme also aims to increase the number and visibility of female coaches active across our various clubs, educational
environments and at intercounty level across the province of Leinster.
The successful participants will be provided with a platform to enhance their coaching journeys, with in person upskilling across various areas of coaching and mentoring in your own environment during and after the programme.
The Leinster Camogie Executive are delighted to support and fund the establishment of the Coaching Academy. I would also like to thank Sabrina Larkin, Leinster Growth & Participation Officer for all her work in planning and bringing the Academy to today's launch.
I look forward to following the progress of the programme and anticipate the coaches who are selected benefit greatly from their involvement.
Linda Ni Chionnaith
Linda Kenny
Cumann Comhairle Laighean

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