Leinster Leagues 2020 - Rules

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NB: Fixtures will be uploaded over the coming days

1. This league is for CLUB players only – adult county players excluded as they will be in competition at this time of year. County Board will be providing Leinster Council with a list of Adult County Team panels by end on January.

2. All games within the Leinster Club League will have THREE (3) points awarded for a win and ONE (1) point for a draw.

3. Clubs with TWO teams entered in the Leinster Club League must submit their two panels by January 31st, 2020. Players may not move between panels.

4. All games excluding Finals that need a definite outcome e.g. Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals will automatically extend to extra-time if the game first finishes in a draw. If the game finishes in a draw after extra-time, a replay is scheduled.

5. Excluding Finals the team named first will have home venue unless their venue is deemed unsuitable by the committee in charge. If the event of pitch been unplayable for first named team the venue shall revert to the opposition.

6. For round matches, quarter final and semi finals the home team will appoint the referee who must be appointed in line with the rules of An Treorai Oifigiuil. The cost of referee to be shared between both clubs.

7. Results are to be texted immediately after each fixture to Linda Kenny 087 6316137.

8. Fixture times are 2.00pm unless agreed otherwise by both teams and sanctioned by the Committee in charge.

9. Procedure to determine a team’s progression in a competition when teams finish on equal points in all competitions run on a single round league basis.

When competitions are run on a single round league basis and when teams finish on equal points at the end of a competition and when one or more teams can progress to the next stage of the competition, overall score difference will first apply:

a) Overall score difference is determined by scores against deducted from scores for in every game played in the group. Scores for and against teams who conceded a game or games in the group will be fully disregarded in determining overall score difference. The team with the highest (net) result progresses.

b) The result of the group game between the teams in question will determine who progresses.

c) If teams remain on equal rankings after step (a) & (b) above: A play-off game(s) will take place to determine who progresses. Extra-time will apply in such games.

Linda Ní Chionnaith,
Comhairle Laighean,

Co. Carlow.

087 6316137. Email: secretary.leinster@camogie.ie

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