Pamela Frizelle introduces The PR-Óg Media Project

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In July 2020 we piloted a new initiative – The PR-Óg – aimed at supporting club and county PROs.

This new role is aimed at 15-21 year olds who have a specific interest in public relations and in particular social media. We had 48 participants who completed the training and created excellent posts and contributed by helping their PRO to produce posters, match reports and other resources.

The 2020 PR-Óg cohort and their associated PROs found their experience very useful and would highly recommend more clubs taking part in this process. Further to this a number of PR-Ógs who completed their training and tasks have now become county PROs.

For the PR-Óg programme to be successful it requires ‘buy-in’ from the current club or county PRO. This means that the PR-Óg can help with day to day tasks and even produce or post on social media to help promote our sport in the community.

Role of PR-Óg:

The role of this novel position will be to assist the PRO to fulfil their duties. The main undertaking of this position is to help with the demands of social media imposed on the PRO but also to help with other tasks. The PRO’s role is to use every opportunity to promote the Camogie Association in all their activities and provide timely updates on fixtures, teams, results, and other relevant information. This is where the role of social media within the sport is essential.

If there is a young person in your club that you think would be ideal for this position or if you are approached by a member of your club who are interested in this role, please consider engaging with them in this exciting new initiative.

To register interest in this initiative please complete this form:

The registration for the 2021 PR-Óg programme will close on 31st January 2021.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Pamela Frizelle
Learning and Development Co-ordinator
An Cumann Camógaíochta
The Camogie Association

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