Regulations 2014-15

Regulations for 2014-2015

  • Ages -   The following are the ages for competitions in 2014/2015 and must be strictly adhered to:  
    • Senior - Born on or after July 1st 1994
    • Junior - Born on or after July 1st 1998
    • Seven - a - side - Born on or after July 1st 1998
  • Minor - First and Second Year students only.
  • Game Time -   Games shall be 30 minutes aside
  • Number of Players - 15 a side in all competitions except 7 a side which allows a panel of 10 with unlimited substitution.
  • Referees -   To be paid €40. €20 by each team.
  • Home and Away - All games up to and including the semi finals are to be played on a home and away basis with the team named first playing at home except
  • Where teams are more than 100 kilometers apart a neutral venue may be used.
  • Where schools have already met in another competition earlier in the year, the fixture is to be reversed.
  • Pitches -   Where no other pitch is available 3G “third generation” pitches may be used for matches.
  • Time -Frame - The dates for the finals have been set and therefore all games must be played as per competition dates. If games are not played in time and results are sent to the coordinator the following will happen – offending School to loose points and points awarded to opponents.
  • Results of the Games -  On the evening of each game the result must be sent by text to the coordinator of the competition.
  • It is the responsibility of the winning team to text the following; Competition name, teams involved and the score.
  • Tabulation of Results - A win in the league is worth 3 points and a draw is worth 1 point. If at the end there are two teams tied, play off with home venue decided on toss of coin
  • Trophies - It is the responsibility of all the winning teams from last year’s competitions to return the respective trophies to the coordinator of the competition before the end of December.