Electric Ireland Celebrates Return of Higher Education Championships

By lecamogie, Wednesday, 10th January 2024 | 0 comments

Electric Ireland teamed up with six intercounty Camogie and GAA stars to look ahead to the upcoming matches and rivalries across the Electric Ireland Camogie Third Level Championships and the Electric Ireland GAA Higher Education Championships. Through its #FirstClassRivals campaign, Electric Ireland will continue to celebrate the unexpected alliances that form between county rivals as they come together in pursuit of some of the most coveted titles across Camogie and GAA.

Despite being bound to their county through a traditional allegiance, intercounty camogie stars Emma Manogue (TUD & Kilkenny) and Kerrie Finnegan (TUD & Dublin) will put their rivalries to one side as they seek to defend their first ever Electric Ireland Ashbourne Cup title. Likewise, intercounty footballers Sean Kelly (University of Galway & Galway) and Ryan O’Donoghue (University of Galway & Mayo), and intercounty hurlers Mark Rodgers (UL & Clare) and TJ Brennan (UL & Galway) will look to set conventional competition aside as they work towards Electric Ireland Sigerson and Fitzgibbon titles in 2024 with their college sides.

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