Leinster claims three media awards

By lecamogie, Saturday, 10th February 2018 | 0 comments

Leinster counties have claimed 3 of the Camogie Media Awards 2017.  Congratulations to all winners.

See below

The 2017 Mick Dunne Memorial Awards’ recipients are:
·         Local Media – C103
·         Match Programme – Munster Camogie Board 
·         PRO of the Year – Ann Marie Guinan (Offaly)
The 2017 Camogie Association Media Awards’ recipients are:
·         Best Media Innovation – Tipp FM
·         Digital Promotion – We Are Dublin
·         Photography – Aidan Ryan (Clare)

The awards will be presented on Saturday February 17th in Croke Park in conjunction with the Camogie Association Volunteer of the Year Awards.
This is the twelfth year of the awards which honour the contributions of local and national press and volunteers in the promotion and development of Camogie.

·         Special Recognition – Wexford Camogie4Teens

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