Referee Training Courses

By lecamogie, Sunday, 24th January 2021 | 0 comments

The Camogie Association is running several annual Referee Refresher Courses online over the month of February.

The FREE training courses take place on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 16th February (Ulster)
  • Thursday, 18th February
  • Tuesday, 23rd February
  • Thursday, 25th February

Training takes place at 7.30pm on each of the evenings.

Link to register 

With regards to First Whistle Courses - the Association will be running these around March time as we, hopefully, head into Go Games Season and our participants can put their learning into action following the course. These dates will be sent to Development Officers and Secretaries as above also for registration.

The hope is to run these Provincially across the country.

If you need any more information on either of the above, you can get in touch with Lizzie Flynn (Referee Education Coordinator) 

Kind Regards,

Sabrina Larkin

Leinster Participation and Growth Co-ordinator

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